Traditional Ceramics

Traditional Ceramics

Ceramic Museum Tito is a must if you go to Ubeda.

This important ceramic museum past down the generations has won countless awards for there skill and passion of ceramics, many of their pieces are present in Spanish films, we can see examples in Alatriste (2006), Carmen (2003), Goya’s Ghosts (Milos Forman, 2006) and Kamikaze (2014) They have also made some important design works as trophies for competitions, dinnerware for restaurants, stands for mobile and tablets, even participated in the Madrid Fashion Week with a collection of ceramic accessories, along with fashion designer Moses Nieto.

The building itself is already a gem, located in a mansion of the fifteenth century the museum is divided into three floors with twelve rooms. On the ground floor there is a large collection of vases, plates and figures showing examples of the art of this family of potters and understand why they have become so famous for their works. The most interesting is the incredible bathroom built in brown and green colors.

Located in the basement is the pottery, where his potter’s work have developed several generations of this family and before them, many potters of the Andalusian era. This is one of the last six Arab furnaces still in operation in Spain. You can buy items in the museum itself and on its online store. Great to come home with a candle or a jug from this wonderful workshop, with prices to suit all budgets.
A lovely place.

Address: Calle Valencia, 22. 23400 Úbeda (Jaén)

Telephone: (+34) 953 751 496

Historic Galera, Spain.