The Andalusian Bird Society

The Andalusian Bird Society

The Andalucía Bird Society is a group, pan-Andalucían in scope, which is primarily but not exclusively for the resident foreign birder and visitor whose knowledge of and fluency in Spanish is not of the best. It should be emphasised that the society aims to cooperate with and work within the framework of Spanish birding, not entirely as a separate and independent entity, but one which simply draws together the non-Spanish birder, hopefully into cooperative projects with local Spanish birders (who often suffer the same language problem with regard to English)

Our objectives are;

  • To record and study wild birds in Andalucia.
  • To assist in the preservation of wild birds in Spain.
  • To encourage by use of meetings, outings, books and other ways:
    • The study of birds in the field and ornithological science in general.
    • The education of the general public and its members in ornithological science and the need for the protection of wild birds and their habitats.
  • To attract and help people to discover the birds and other natural wonders of Andalucía.

Alfredo Carrasco. 
Andalucía Bird Society

Historic Galera, Spain.